David Medeiros

Cartographer, GIS Analyst, GIS Instructor

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Traditional wooden boats. Hand built wooden boats and traditional cartography have more in common than one might think. Beautiful lines and 'fair curves' are inherent in both. My work on maps is much like my work on boats, I view both as a craft where the act of making the thing is often the most important part and in both worlds 'if it looks right, it is'.

3d wood cut terrains. A love of wood and maps (and Yosemite!) was the inspiration for a small set of wood cut terrains. Data for these is from the USGS NED and the models were cut on a massive commercial CNC mill. Other locations I've modeled are Kauai HI and Steens Mountain OR.

The world is not all maps, and neither am I.  Although there is of course a stream of geo in most things I create. These are some examples of some of the other kinds of work I often find myself doing, for "love or money".  Note, this page is a work in progress.

Back country travel. Some of the most interesting places are off the map and off pavement. Maps have always been a gateway to adventure and the unknown and anyone with a love of maps surely has a love for exploration! If you follow the call of the backroads, please Tread Lightly.